Pure Commitment Inc. offers a time tested solution for clients living within driving distance of Palm Beach County.

We are actively recruiting adult clients 18 to 65 that want to learn how to stop the addictive cycle. Our 12-week program is safe and confidential collaborated with other serious clients building their personal modules in group style discussion. It doesn’t matter what your primary addiction is and you don’t have to share your personal information in class. Your attendance is required to build your personal plan and draw ideas from the discussion.

  • 12-week - Live Training Tuition: $2995.00

    12-week program includes:

    12-weekly live in person training meetings.
    10- personal custom built solutions.
    12-weeks / 90-days of personal accountability by email, text, or quick phone call with Mike Downing.
    3 private coaching sessions up to 60 minutes per session with Mike Downing.
    Private client tracking system to record progress.
    Strength workbook and online test included.

In House Payment Plan:

No Interest / No Fee’s / No Credit Check
Enroll today and pay $200.00 weekly over 10 weeks after deposit.
Commitment Deposit: $995.00—Non- refundable deposit is required to start the program.
Pay $200.00 weekly: Payment must be paid before every class (by cash or card) over 10 consecutive weeks. The $2000 balance must be collected in full from each client before attending the final two classes that will complete the 12- week program.

We accept: Cash – Credit Cards, or Pay Pal payments.

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We also understand that you might feel uncomfortable in talking about your issue in public so we provide confidential private meetings and learning platform. Mike Downing is the founder of Pure Commitment and Reboot Pure live training and his mission is to help you stop the most undesirable addictions.

Mike’s mission is to facilitate a personal decision to stop addiction using discretion, practical tools and interaction. Pure Commitment (PCI) provides a weekly live training class in Palm Beach County along with commitment coaching service. The Reboot Pure weekly training program was developed for clients to build their custom solution modules during group collaboration.
Mike’s clients succeed by personal training and transformation, not of the old maxim of “trying harder”.

Pure Commitment is dedicated to the highest level of discretion, security and anonymity. Mike also provides a very exclusive private in home or office personal coaching experience for VIP high profile clients that include celebrities, professional athletes and business executives who can be isolated from having candid and safe conversation that ultimately impacts their decision to move forward. Therefore every client is anonymous, respected and protected under a maximum level of security.

Mike has decades of distinguished experience with executive coaching, corporate leadership training, preparing, and enabling individuals to live better while staying in balance. Mike immediately puts everyone at ease as he encourages full integrity in every level of safe conversation and facilitates discipline to stay focused while moving forward. He has an uncanny sense and ability to connect to those ready for change.

As a certified coach, his skills include facilitating training on how to manage and overcome the cycle of addictions, accountability to family and friends, integrity training and practical tools that support sustainable results. He has a proven record in conflict management and communication using a time tested custom built personal training modules to empower his clients. Mike is enthusiastic about his team approach of working together assisting individual or couples to reach and sustain their goals permanently.

Mike and his wife live in Palm Beach Garden Florida where they enjoy walks on the beach, reading, and travel. They have four grown children and eight grandchildren living in Minnesota, Colorado, and Nevada.

Learn More about Mike Downing:

Click here to read my story on how I Rebooted my brain to stop the addictive cycle. ~ Mike Downing

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